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Bibliography 1992-94

Since Leslie Kane's Casebook on David Mamet had an annotated bibliography up to 1992 of the scholarship and reviews, this is an update to 1994.

David Mamet Bibliography, 1992-Summer 1994

Compiled by David K. and Janice A. Sauer, Bibliographers

David Mamet: Publications

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American Buffalo: Reviews

Gill, Brendan. “Interlude 1983: American Buffalo .” New Yorker  31 May 1993: 91. Reprint of 1983 review.

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Bobby Gould In Hell: Reviews

Christiansen, Richard. “Mamet Fills 'Gould' with Hellish Fun.” Center Theater Studio, Chicago. Chicago Tribune 9 June 1992, Sec. 1: 20.

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The Cabin: Book Reviews

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The Cryptogram: Reviews and Notices

“Furthermore.” Time 4 Apr. 1994: 85. The Cryptogram to debut in London.

Stuart, Jan. “A Puzzle of Portent from Mamet.” Rev. of The Cryptogram . Ambassador's Theater, London. Newsday [New York] 1 July 1994, Pt.II/Weekend: B02.

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Dissertations and Theses

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Glengarry Glen Ross:   Notes and Reviews of Film/Video

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Hoffa: Film Notices and Reviews

“Big Labor’s Master of Manipulation.” New York Times 25 Dec. 1992: C1.

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Homicide: Reviews of Film and Video

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Lakeboat Notices of Filming

Hanson, Henry. “Lunch With Henry.” Chicago July 1994: 113. Mantegna to direct film of early Mamet play.

Zwecker, Bill. “Mantegna's Wit a Hit at DePaul Theater Awards.” Chicago Sun Times 9 May 1994: 14. Mantegna directing Lakeboat in Chicago July with G. Wendt and E. O'Neill.

A Life in the Theatre: Reviews of Play and TNT Broadcast

Coe, Steve. “TNT Ups Ante for Long-Form Products.” Broadcasting & Cable 22 Mar. 1993: 18. Projects such as A Life in the Theater .

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Oleanna: Reviews, Notices, and Previews

“Buena Vista to Go Further into Euro-Production.” Financial Times [London] 18 May 1994:  Nexis, Screen Finance: 7:8. Goldwyn and Channel Four to co-produce Mamet directed film of Oleanna .

“He Said ... She Said ... Who Did What?” New York Times 15 Nov. 1992: H6. National pundits comment on the play.

“He Says, She Says; Two Columnists Face Off Over Mamet's 'Oleanna'—Sort Of.” Chicago Tribune 3 Oct. 1993: Arts 6.

“Playwright of Oaths and Testosterone.” Independent [London] 3 July 1993: 16.

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On Directing Film: Book Reviews

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Ricky Jay and His Fifty Two Assistants:   Notices and Reviews

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Rising Sun: Reviews

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The Woods: Reviews

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