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Vol. 2

Cryptogram, London
In a charged atmosphere bristling with tension, cloaked in secrets, and heavy with mysticism, totemic images, and transformation symbols, Mamet's Cryptogram dramatizes the profound betrayal and abandonment of family and friendship.
Glengarry Review
Directed by Todd Tjaden of Los Angeles' Studebaker Studios, UNLV's University Theatre's production of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross changes the "gang comedy" to the point of caricature by casting women in four of its seven roles.
Cryptogram, New York
In Cryptogram, John struggles throughout the play to make sense of the world—a task that is exacerbated early on by a lack of sleep that leaves him teetering on the edges of order and chaos, wakefulness and dreaminess, sanity and delusion—the adults in the room are stuck in the rawness of real time, place, and action.
Bibliography 1994-1995
Mamet Program at Ohio State
Discussion and analysis of scenes from Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow by the University Theatre, screening of House of Games and the Back Back Theatre Company's production of Oleanna at The Ohio State University.
Martin Roeder-Zerndt, Lesen und Zuschauen David Mamet und das amerikanische
Martin Roeder-Zerndt's Lesen und Zuschauen is intended to fill the yawning literary-theoretical gap in American drama and theatre studies. Although the approach combines reception theory and phenomenology and does not reduce Mamet's plays to written texts, Roeder-Zerndt is concerned with exposing the textual triggers for the play's concretization at the interface of spectators and stage production.
Review of The Village
David Mamet has created a disturbing novel, without false or contrived plots, and a small but complete world that demonstrates the failure of human society.
President's Message
Leslie Kane addresses issues of organization of the Society.
Mamet's Interview on South Bank Show
The viewer sees David Mamet as instructor, lecturer, director;taking over the show. Clips of works are shown more often, but no longer clearly connected to questions posed. What one really gets in the second half of the interview is David Mamet reflecting on a variety of aspects of the American scene as he views it.
Death Defying Acts and No One Shall Be Immune
What happens when Mamet meets the supernatural? When the master dramatist of superrealism takes the audience into alternate realities in his two new oneact plays, it almost seems to be a joke. In the last line that we discover "The Interview" takes place in the vestibule to the afterlife;a place for routing attorneys into hell. "No One Will Be Immune" presents an official interviewing a man who averted being killed in a plane crash by disembarking just before the plane took off because of a warning.
New and Forthcoming
Leslie Kane surveys upcoming New York Cryptogram directed by Mamet as well as films of American Buffalo and Vanya on 42nd Street, and Mamet's new book, Passover.