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Vol. 4 President Kane's Message, New and Forthcoming, Bibliography. Performance Reviews: The Old Neighborhood (Cambridge, Mass), Edmond (Atlantic Theatre), Speed-the-Plow (Los Angeles), Speed-the-Plow in Manchester, The Woods in New York, American Buffalo, The Young Vic in London, Oleanna at Missouri Rep. Book Reviews: Make-Believe Town, Duck and Goat and Passover, and Ilkka Joki's Mamet, Bakhtin, and the Dramatic, and Anglo American Interplay by Ruby Cohn — Film Reviews: The Edge.

Edmond at Atlantic Theatre
The Atlantic Theater Company’s production of David Mamet’s Edmond.
Speed-the-Plow in Los Angeles
Odyssey Theatre production April 9, 1997
Photo of David Rasche as Edmond
David Rashe and Felicity Huffman in Edmond
Speed-the-Plow in Manchester
Designer Andrew Wood ingeniously transformed the long, narrow stage into a strip of film, with sprocket holes painted on the margins of a ramp sloping gently upwards from the only entrance,
The Woods in New York
First performed in 1977 the play concerns a young couple’s weekend at a lakeside cabin. Mamet had banned New York productions of the play in 1985. In December 1996, however, Mamet unexpectedly lifted the ban and granted production rights to young producer and actor Danielle Kwatinetz.
Review of American Buffalo
The Young Vic production in London
Oleanna at Missouri Rep.
The Missouri Repertory Theatre staged the play in January, 1997, where the play still resonates with relevant issues.
Review of Mamet's New Book of Essays
Review of Make-Believe Town
Duck and Goat and Passover
Reviews of Mamet's new children's books.
Review of Ilkka Joki's book
IMTIAZ HABIB on Ilkka Joki's Mamet, Bakhtin, and the Dramatic: The Demotic as a Variable of Addressivity (Abo (Finland): Abo Akademi University Press, 1993. 233 pp.)
Review of Anglo American Interplay by Ruby Cohn
Stephanie Tucker argues that comparative studies frequently reveal new insights into the subjects scrutinized. Such is the case in *Anglo-American Interplay*.
Review of the Film The Edge
Review of The Edge
Mamet Bibliography 1996-1997
Janice and David Sauer's Bibliography of Mamet's writings, reviews of his works, and scholarly research.
New and Forthcoming
An overview of Mamet's recent publications, productions, and forthcoming works.
President's Message
Leslie Kane's explanation of the David Mamet's Society's activities—planning for the Mamet at 50 conference.
Review of The Old Neighborhood
Hasty Pudding in Cambridge debuts Mamet's new play.