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Vol. 7 Reviews of Atlantic Theatre Mamet Season, American Buffalo Chicago directed by Mike Nussbaum, London productions of American Buffalo (Macy at Donmar Warehouse) and Speed-the-Plow (New Ambassadors Theatre) Death Defying Acts: An Interview and Actors' Guild of Lexington, Kentucky Death Defying Acts. Book Reviews: Weasels and Wisemen by Kane and Mamet's Wilson and Mamet’s Henrietta President's Message Leslie Kane prepares to step down. New and Forthcoming, and Annual Bibliography 1999-2000.

American Buffalo Chicago
In the American Theatre company production under the direction of Mike Nussbaum and Brian Russell, Donny is the play's center, and John Mohrlein, under their direction, brings to the role a much different interpretation than the Broadway production's. Its conception of Donny is this Chicago production's major weakness.
Atlantic Theatre Mamet Season
The Atlantic Theater Company in New York grew out of workshops taught by David Mamet and William H. Macy, so it is fitting that Mamet's plays should have comprised their celebratory fifteenth season. These much anticipated productions—who should know better how to do Mamet plays, right¿—turned out, in fact, to be disappointing, erring on the side of realism, lacking the torque, that edge of theatrical excitement, and making one wonder if these plays really do hold up in performance, although many of us know how satisfying they are to teach.
U.K. Productions
London productions of American Buffalo (Donmar Warehouse) and Speed-the-Plow (New Ambassadors Theatre).
Death Defying Acts: An Interview
Actors' Guild of Lexington, Kentucky production of Death Defying Acts.
President's Message
President Kane prepares to step down.
New and Forthcoming
A survey of the upcoming productions and publications of David Mamet.
Book Review: Weasels and Wisemen
Review of Leslie Kane's study of Mamet and the influence of Judaism on his works.
Review of Mamet's Wilson
Phenomenology as fiction or fiction as phenomenology? David Mamet poses this question in his latest novel Wilson: A Consideration of the Sources, a futuristic, dystopian look at the structure of consciousness.
Henrietta Review
Review of Henrietta, David Mamet’s latest children’s book, about a sow with a red bow around her tail dreams of law school.
Bibliography 1999-2000
The annual bibliography of works by Mamet, reviews of his books, plays and films, and of scholarship written on his work.