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Volume 9: Reviews of Glengarry Glen Ross at the Lyric in Boston and Oleanna in St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.'s Source Theater, and Mamet's direction of Ricky Jay's On the Stem, and the Mamet film Heist. Anne Dean examines House of Games at The Royal College of Psychiatry. Book Review: South of the Northeast Kingdom, the President's address, new and forthcoming works, and the annual bibliography.

Calls for Papers

The David Mamet Society will meet in London June 11-13 at the Green Park Hilton Hotel. Submit an abstract for a paper.

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Bibliography 2001-02

Survey of Reviews and Scholarship over the past year.

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Glengarry Glen Ross

Has the collapse of Enron dated Glengarry Glen Ross, making the play's stakes seem paltry and thus rendering it a work from David Mamet's nostalgia file?

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Steven Gale reviews Mamet's latest genre film starring Gene Hackman and Rebecca Pidgeon.

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House of Games at The Royal College of Psychiatry, London

Anne Dean's presentation of Mamet's classic study of con men and the psychiatrist.

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Oleanna in St. Louis

Hydeware Theatre, one of St. Louis’ newest companies, approached the play from these popular conceptions, and yet avoided creating another rendering of Oleanna meant to lead to a panel discussion of gender politics.

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Oleanna at the Source Theatre in Washington D.C.

Under the taut direction of Wendy C. Goldberg, the Source Theatre’s production opened up Mamet’s story of a professor destroyed by his student’s false accusations of harassment by exploring the humanity of the play’s two characters. The theatre’s intimate blackbox made a good pressure cooker for this parable of our times that is simultaneously a study of human psychology.

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New and Forthcoming Mamet Works

Leslie Kane surveys the upcoming works by Mamet in productions, publishing, and scholarly activities.

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Once again Mamet directs magician and actor Ricky Jay in a magic show—this one with more than cards, reconstructing the history of magic up and down Broadway—"the stem."

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Review of South of the Northeast Kingdom

Part memoir, part local color, the book covers the forty years Mamet has lived in Vermont. South of the Northeast Kingdom will remind the reader once again of Mamet’s versatility as a writer.

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Oleanna in Las Vegas

Review of The Actors Repertory Theatre production of Oleanna in Las Vegas, put in the context of Legal Discourse and discussion by an attorney.

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President's Message

Leslie Kane surveys the society and offers her vision of the future.

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