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Volume 10: Play Reviews: Boston Marriage debut in New York and Chicago; American Buffalo, ACT San Francisco. Book Review: Five Cities of Refuge and David Mamet: A Research and Production Sourcebook. Program for David Mamet Conference, London, June, 2004, Dissertation listing, New President's Message and the Annual Bibliography.

Boston Marriage, Chicago
David Bevington's analysis of the Roadworks Productions 2003
boston marriage.jpg
boston marriage.jpg
Boston Marriage, New York Public
The New York City premiere is dominated by Kate Burton, whom we saw recently as Hedda in Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. She plays Anna, a middle-aged, fashionable lesbian, in a highly mannered way. She maintains a china-doll smile as she utters portentous, literate babble in a high-society style. Her younger counterpart, Claire, played deftly by Martha Plimpton, is returning to her old haunts after an indeterminate absence. Anna and Claire together take up the endless badinage of Gwendolyn and Cecily in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.
American Buffalo
President's Message
A description of the functions of The David Mamet Review by the new President.
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Book Review: Five Cities of Refuge
Stan Denman reviews Mamet's book written with his Rabbi, “reflections on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy,” the Books of the Pentateuch. Kushner and Mamet make a great team in this worthy effort, due in large part to their kindred abilities to write cogently and effectively concerning the common, the ugly, and the unlikable in sacred passages without compromising a sense of reverence for the text.
Book Review: David Mamet: A Research and Production Sourcebook.
Citations of recent Dissertations on David Mamet
Program for David Mamet Conference, London, June, 2004
Program for the Second International David Mamet Society: London, June, 2005. Listed are the speakers and titles of talks, as well as titles and moderators of sessions.
David Mamet Bibliography: Fall 2002-Fall 2003
Citations of Reviews of Plays and Films, Books, and Scholarship on David Mamet 2002-03.
The Old Neighborhood
In the Aurora Theatre Company, Berkeley, California, Michael Santo plays a particularly bland and understated Bobby. Although he initiates the action—which unsurprisingly in Mametland consists primarily of a series duologues—but remains more spectator (or specter) than participant.