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Program for David Mamet Conference, London, June, 2004

Program for the Second International David Mamet Society: London, June, 2005. Listed are the speakers and titles of talks, as well as titles and moderators of sessions.


Friday June 11 8:30-9:45
Blake One—Three Uses of the Knife Chair, Tom Adler
Tom Adler. “More Uses of the Knife as Signifier in The Cryptogram, The Old Religion and The Edge.”
Jerry Dickey. “‘Second Act Problems’: David Mamet and the Morass of Midlife Dramaturgy.”    
D. S. Lawson. “Decoding The Cryptogram: Intertextuality and Allusion in David Mamet.”
Darwin— Ethics of Glengarry Glen Ross Chair, Karen C. Blansfield
Liz Tilton. “Nurses for Sale: The Exchange of Women in Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross.”
Erica Arthur. “Rebirth of a Salesman.”
Jeff McIntire-Strasburg. “‘Like you taught me…’: Pedagogy as Salesmanship/ Salesmanship as Pedagogy in Glengarry Glen Ross.”

Blake Two —Acting Mamet Chair, Ira B. Nadel
Roger Bechtel. “Acting and the Righteous Man: True and False.”
David Barker. “A Lecture/Demonstration of Connected Motion: A Common Sense Approach to Movement Training for Actors.”
Helen Huff. “Haunted Bodies: The Actors in David Mamet’s Plays and Films.”

 Friday 10:15 – 11:45
Blake One — Oleanna     Chair, Michael Kaffer
Stan Denman. “Honor Thy ‘Father’: A Case Study in the Hegemonic Bias of Conservative Protestant Audiences and Performances of David Mamet’s Oleanna.”
Shelly Manis. “Dangerous Language: Shifting Meaning in Oleanna.”
Michael Kaffer. “Language as Power, Silence as Powerlessness.”

Blake Two —Mamet Directed Film     Chair, Brenda Murphy
Kenneth Womack & Todd Davis. “David Mamet’s Altered Ethics: Finding Faith, or Something Like It, in State and Main.”
Brenda Murphy. “Mamet’s Edwardian Family: Adapting The Winslow Boy.”
Rick Mitchell. “Brechtian Mamet.”

Darwin — Three Major Plays Chair, Richard Brucher
Richard Brucher. “Class Antagonism in Boston Marriage.”
Johan Callens. “Mercury Blues, or, Remediation in David Mamet’s The Water Engine.”
Jon Dietrick. “‘It’s only a fuckin’ nickel’: Money in Mamet’s American Buffalo.”

11:45 – 1:00
Blake Two
“Close Encounters: Mamet in Performance.”
Bob Vorlicky and Tom Cornford on actors working on Mamet’s texts.

1:00-2:15 Lunch Break
Friday 2:15-3:30
Blake One — Issues of Race and Gender    Chair, Debby Geis
Debby Geis. “Acting in Black and White: African American Characters/ Performers in Mamet’s Work.”
Romi Stepovich. “David Mamet in the 1980s: House of Games and the Price of Female Duplicity.”
Olga Nunez Miret. “David Mamet and Quentin Tarantino: Male Language and the Heist Movie.”

Blake Two — Mamet as Screenwriter  Chair, Steven Price
Steven Price. “The Surrogate Screenwriter in the Films of David Mamet.”
Bruce Barton. “Imagination in Transition: David Mamet's House of Games.”
Kevin Alexander Boon. “Discourse, Class and Capitalism: Active Dialogue in the Screenplays of David Mamet.”

Blake One — Cryptogram    Chair, Bob Vorlicky
Anna C. Hutcheson. “The Myth of the Father in David Mamet’s Cryptogram.”
Thea Howey. “Attitudes toward Children and Childhood in David Mamet’s Oeuvre.”
Lisa Cole Denman. “‘Almost Home’: Fathers and Father-figures in the Plays of David Mamet.”

Blake Two — Mamet, The Writer    Chair, Michael Earley
Claudia Ernst. “The Functions of Pauses in the Dramatic Work of David Mamet.”
Mary Shuttler. “The Dark Comedy of David Mamet.”
Yannis Tzioumakis. “Marketing David Mamet: From Metteur en Scene to Auteur.”

  Saturday June 12
Blake Two — New Directions in Mamet Studies     Chair, Jan Sauer       
Michael Earley. “Writing Across Genres: Mamet Entangled in the Web of the Literary.”
Jan Sauer. “Searching for Mamet.”
Ira B. Nadel. “Mamet Meets Marlowe: A New Dr. Faustus.”

Darwin — Pedagogy         Chair, Karen Blansfield
Kristina Hinz-Bode. “University Teaching ‘American Style?’ Cultural Aspects of Pedagogy in David Mamet’s Oleanna.”
Kellie Bean. “The Tangle of Language: Oleanna and The Lesson.”
Patricia Hillen. “Reading in Coffee Shops:     Teaching Mamet’s Essays.”

Blake Two — Mamet’s Perverse Dramaturgy    Chair, David Sauer
David Sauer. “Eisenstein and Mamet’s Dramaturgy in Sexual Perversity in Chicago.”
Bill Boles. “Sexual Perversity in London: David Mamet and In-Yer-Face Theatre.”
Paul McDonald. “Don’t Ever Lose Your Sense of Humor: Joking Relationships in the Work of David Mamet.”

Darwin — Oleanna         Chair, Michael Kaffer
Kerry Kidd. “Reactions of the Audience: Mamet as Thinker, Scholar, Reflector.”
Lionel Wehrle. “Violence at Work in Mamet’s American Buffalo, Edmond, and Oleanna”
Linda Fisher. “Moral and Political Ambiguities in Oleanna.”

Saturday Noon-1:15  BLAKE TWO

                                    Keynote Address:  Lindsay Posner

Concluding Luncheon Presentation: Mamet in Performance
Jack Shepherd, Ricky Roma of the NT Original Production