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Volume 13: Reviews: Bone China at the Ensemble, The Mamet Marathon at the Goodman Theatre

"Bone China" at the Ensemble Theatre

This play couldn’t have lasted seven minutes, so it is one of those short sketches which Mamet used to create in abundance. Like those, “Bone China” has been so honed and refined, and is so concentrated, that seven minutes is a whole play in miniature, as if all the irrelevancies have been stripped away.

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Mamet Marathon: 16 April 2006 No One Will Be Immune and The Shawl

Both predicate paranormal experiences for which no rational explanation can be given. Putting them together, however, simply accentuated their inability to rationalize that which they try so hard to explain.

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Mamet Marathon: Daughters, Sisters, Mothers: Almost Done, Reunion, Jolly, Dark Pony

This was a set of plays that is accessible, heart wrenching, touching—and as a result totally false as Mamet productions, but very workable for an audience which needs to be told how to respond.

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Mamet Marathon Homecomings: Duck Variations, The Disappearance of the Jews, Home 4/15/06 Goodman Theatre

All three are oblique to their subjects, and cover up as much as they convey, imply without ever directly stating. And when direct statements are made, they are such clichés that they are startling for their inability to cover the situations in which they describe.

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The Mamet Marathon: Binky Rudich or The Space Pandas, Goodman Theatre April 15, 2006

This production was a hoot, and a real antidote after a dark night of the soul in the Homecomings one-acts. The fun of the production is exemplified in the costume design by Tatjana Radisic—everyone had bright eclectic costumes, with always mismatched shoes, mainly high top tennis shoes in bright colors and mismatched high socks in great stripes.

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