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Volume 16: Discussion of current issues relevant to Mamet studies.

Review of Race

David Mamet's new play opened in late November 2009 under his own direction with James Spader, David Alan Grier, Richard Thomas and Kerry Washington.

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Two Unrelated Plays by David Mamet: “Keep Your Pantheon” and “School”

The Two Plays Are Related Indeed. Both are excercises in plotting, reversals, and brilliant word play. They share a common satiric vision too of the straight-laced world with its closed mind.

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Review of Speed-the-Plow Revisited: With William H. Macy

Jeremy Piven just dropped out in December. For a few months, Macy stepped in to make an interesting change in the production.

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Reviews of Race, December, 2009-January 2010

This is an overview of the reviews of Race in the format of David Mamet: A Resource and Production Sourcebook (2003), which surveyed Mamet's productions to 2000.

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